The RUBE series features REALLY old blog posts that I’d like to keep around for whatever reason. Enjoy!
Half sandwich w/ cup of soup.

Be cool. Be. Cool. I freaked out a bit today. Doesn’t matter why. I didn’t yell, punch a wall, or write an angry letter. It was just in my head, the rage. For me at least, it seems that it’s easy to slip into a mode of being on edge. I went for a jog (apparently you just run) and grabbed a bite at a deli where I am currently stationed in a corner booth (they play jazz here). When I came in to order I was still a bit Hulkish.

The gentleman that took my order strolled up casually, seemed he was having a day himself. Nothing more than that, he took my order and that was it. I got my food and devoured it, this place is excellent. Halfway through, I notice the guy is heading out, he looks over, says “have a good week.” Again, not much, not life changing, just nice.

In an economic climate that has most people clutching on to their jobs for dear life while maintaining a “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” attitude toward those seeking jobs, it makes me a little sad that someone casually going out of his way to wish a stranger a good week moves me.

My point isn’t to rant about “the times” or point a finger at those more fortunate than I. I’m just saying, be cool. There are days when the line for coffee is going to take longer than usual, there might be a day when your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, and there will definitely be a day when nothing is sure, no one will understand, and it seems there are no options. So be cool, start today. Maybe if you let the guy in a rush order his coffee before you or stop to see If the car on the side of the road needs a phone, then maybe there will be more people out there to wish you a good week when you most need it.